Round Enamel Pin Mockups Set

System requirements

Adobe Photoshop CS4+


9000 x 5000, 6000 x 3400

Product files





Customizable embossing and texturing of the pin surface will help you create the most realistic pin with imitation of a convex metal surface and effectively present your product's corporate identity.

The intuitive structure of this mockups allows you to easily create a unique scene just by dragging & dropping your design into the smart object, picking the colors of your elements and playing around with the opacity of layers.

This set contains 5 enamel pin's mockups including isolated mockups and mockups with a person wearing a pin.

Product includes

  • psd with isolated enamel pin front and back side (top view, side view and stack);

  • psd with person witn enamel pin (front view, side view);

  • 16 light and dark background textures;

  • instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);

Editable elements

  • pin color and design;

  • pin lighting;

  • pin texture;

  • pin shadow;

  • button color;

  • embossing design;

  • embossing color;

  • person lighting;

  • background color, design and side light;


Patterns and designs used in previews are not included in product.

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Round Enamel Pin Mockups Set

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