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Medical Face Mask Lying 3D Model

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System requirements & Product files

3DS Max 2020

Cinema 4D

Maya 2020







3D Model & Geometry specifications




6136 polygons & 6134 vertices


This 3d model was created and unwrapped in 3ds Max and exported for all popular formats.

Model formats:

· max (3ds Max 2020, Scanline);

· max (3ds Max 2020, V-ray, procedural material included);

· fbx (Multi Format);

· obj (Multi Format);

· 3ds (Multi Format);

· mb (Maya 2020);

· c4d (Cinema 4D R20);

· +.uvw for pluggable unwrap included;


· Correctly subdividable geometry;

· Polygonal quads only;

· Correct UVW-unwrap, +included .uvw file with pluggable unwrap;

· Procedural V-ray material included (in medical_mask_vray);

· Exported Fabric textures in 8K resolution (in separate zip-archive);


· Renders for preview are made in 3ds Max 2020, V-ray Next;

· If you want to apply unwrap uvw in 3ds file, you need to convert editable mesh object to editable poly and load *medical_mask_uvw.uvw* in Unwrap UVW modifier;

· Studio environment is not included;

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Free Download

Medical Face Mask Lying 3D Model

Medical Face Mask Lying 3D Model
Free Download
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